horse in Elden Ring

Summoning Your Horse in Elden Ring: A Complete Guide in 8 easy steps

Introduction: FromSoftware’s Masterpiece Elden Ring

Elden Ring, the collaborative brainchild of FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin, blends the studio’s Soulslike elements with innovative open-world exploration and combat mechanics. The core part of this evolution is your faithful steed, an indispensable ally on your journey.

horse in Elden Ring

The Art of Summoning your horse in Elden Ring

Summoning your horse in Elden Ring isn’t just a routine mechanic—it’s the inception of a bond with your most reliable companion. This guide will help you master the button combinations for summoning your horse and tweak the controller configuration to suit your playing style.

Your Elden Ring Character Creation

Character creation is the first crucial step in Elden Ring. Your character name, which is entirely customizable, becomes your identity in this vast world—make it meaningful and representative of your hero’s journey.

Conquer Horseback Combat and Riding Mechanics

Equipped with your loyal horse, you’re ready to delve into Elden Ring’s signature horseback combat. Discover your mount’s unique AI behavior, learn to counterattack, and swiftly maneuver through the battlefield with our detailed guide.

Exploring the World and Managing Inventory

A horse in Elden Ring is more than just a combat ally; it’s a swift vessel guiding you through the richly detailed landscapes. However, while enjoying the view, don’t forget to manage your inventory, maintain weight limits, and employ effective sorting strategies.

Discover Bonfires and the Fast Travel System

Discovering bonfires and warp points on your horseback travels is a thrilling experience. They provide critical rest points and faster travel routes around the world, but don’t forget to dismount to unlock these invaluable waypoints.

Boss Battles and Comparisons with The Witcher

Engage in epic boss battles, with your horse as an essential strategic element. Fans of The Witcher series will appreciate the familiar approach to combat preparation and progression, which echoes in Elden Ring’s boss encounters.

The Horse, Your Companion in Elden Ring

Your horse in Elden Ring is an essential ally. Whether charging into the heat of battle or traversing the sprawling landscapes, mastering your steed’s controls will enrich your journey through this immersive world.


As we wrap up “Summoning Your Horse in Elden Ring: A Complete Guide in 8 Easy Steps,” we hope you’re now fully equipped to call upon your trusty steed whenever the need arises. Remember, successful gameplay is all about mastering mechanics and understanding the unique elements of the Elden Ring universe. By following these steps, not only will you have a constant companion in your epic journey, but you’ll also be able to traverse vast landscapes with greater speed and efficiency. So saddle up, brave adventurer, the world of Elden Ring awaits your exploration with your summoned horse at your side.

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Following are some common queries regarding Summoning Your Horse in Elden Ring

A: Elden Ring offers the choice of different horse breeds and customization.

A: Horseback combat is a major part of Elden Ring, but on-foot combat is also prevalent.

A: Horses cannot be permanently lost in Elden Ring. If they disappear, you can summon them again.

Embark on your journey in Elden Ring with your trusty horse, and let the spirit of adventure guide you.

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These resources should provide a more in-depth understanding of Elden Ring’s mechanics and the broader context of FromSoftware’s game design.

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